HOTEL Ministry (which stands for “Healing Others Through Evangelistic Love”) exists to share Christ’s love with residents in Portland’s low-income hotels downtown. Each month, teams of dedicated servants from local supporting churches provide meals, groceries, visitations, and Bible studies.

Heart of the HOTEL

It all begins with love and trust. At the heart of the HOTEL Ministry is our deep desire to build meaningful, empowering relationships with Portland’s poor. We desire to know each individual as the unique person that God created and we aim to walk along side them and help them meet both their physical and emotional needs.

Our inspiration comes from our personal relationships with Jesus Christ and the transformation that he brought about in each one of us. But we do not limit our services to Christians only or require anyone to attend any of our concerts, Bible studies, and more. All of our services are totally free and open to residents of all faiths and we pursue relationships with all.

Read our Program page, which contains a list of some of the service possibilities that can be individualized for each hotel, from the largest to the smallest.