Rose Schnitzer Tower Becomes HOTEL Ministry’s 10th Location

HOTEL Ministry has established its 10th outreach location.

Rose Schnitzer Tower is the site of Crossroads Community Church‘s newest Hotel Ministry. “The Rose” has 235 residents, and about 40% non-English speakers, 90% elderly.

The Rose also has a gourmet, state-of-the-art kitchen facility, which was basically unused until Crossroads came on the scene. When Larry Steckman heard about it, he said, “Hmmmm… I think I have some ideas.” Larry provided the restaurant expertise, and Scott Powell’s family and Joel Goodman headed up the teams then to cook and serve both the 1200 Building and The Rose dinner in December. They also handed out 200 Christmas gift boxes to both hotels, and also to The Home, where they have partnered with Solid Rock to serve.

The Crossroads team employed the help of a group of people called “Flash Love”, many of which are Russian speakers, and from the lower “Stan” regions, and were also able to converse with some folks from Iran and Afghanistan, and a large group of Chinese speakers.

The Crossroads team is truly on-fire for Jesus, and loving each month making deeper connections with their new loved ones!


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