HOTEL Expands to SW Portland

Sylvia Dilworth is a strong woman of God and a pioneer!  She and her husband, John, have been pastoring together for over 30 years and currently serve as pastors at Multnomah Presbyterian Church in Multnomah Village.  They discovered HOTEL Ministry back in 2011 through the Luis Palau Association’s Season of Service website.

Multnomah wanted to follow the HOTEL Ministry model, but desired to serve closer to their church and community instead of the downtown area. So, they found a low-income apartment building in a southwest Portland residential neighborhood that serves families. After much prayer and work to get the approvals, began their ministry to Slavin Court, where they now serve 24 families, including many Latino and Muslim families.

Another hallmark of Multnomah’s ministry has been their creativity. Our God, as the author of all creativity, has blessed them immensely!

Here are some examples:

  • Costume parties
  • Food boxes for Thanksgiving
  • Christmas stockings
  • BBQs, egg hunts, treasure hunts, waterslides
  • Annual grounds clean-up parties and plantings

Last summer, they held Vacation Bible Study right there at the complex, and this past January, the Multnomah high school youth group and Youth Director began a monthly Bible Club for the kids.

For their annual “Faith in Action Sunday,” a work party spread bark dust, planted flowers and mowed residents lawns and served lunch.  One of the adult Latina residents asked one of their members, “Why are these people here?  Why do they keep coming back and helping us?” Their member answered, “Because of the love of Christ.  We are here to serve Him.”

Sylvia says,

God is already at work at Slavin Court.  We just need to be open to the Holy Spirit’s leading… and love.

Praise God for these brothers and sisters in Christ, and am so thankful they have joined us, and opened the path into our very neighborhoods!

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