Christmas at Swindells 2018

Helen Swindells Apartments was the first location of our Hotel Ministry outreach back in 2003. Each year, for the past 16 years, we have had fabulous Christmas parties there with wonderful dinners, gift bags full of good things, and music, always provided by Portland professionals and church worship teams. 

This year, however, marked a first – as the residents themselves put together the music, musicians and had our opening prayer. One of our long-time residents, Jackie, also sings in the Maybelle Center choir (formerly the MacDonald Center).  She recruited her friends from the building, Deb and past resident, Diane, along with Jackie’s daughter, Sonorrah to fill our night with beautiful song, praise, laughter, dancing and joy!  She also engaged Rolland, a resident of many musical talents, to play keyboards and various other instruments and then he added two of his trumpeter friends to help out.  Long-time resident, Morris, led us in prayer, and aptly placed our focus on Jesus, and prepared our hearts to receive the blessings that were to come.

It was an incredible night to experience!  Seeing Jesus working through all these people, reaching out and sharing their talents and faith was tremendously moving for all who were there.  Many of these people are brothers and sisters that come to our Bible Studies on Sundays, and are learning to share their faith and talents, and grow!  

This is how faith and growth in the community of Christ should look!  Brothers and sisters reaching out and serving in new ways, ways they have never considered, ways that take courage and a whole lot of prayer!  

We praise God for His work in our midst,  moving our loved ones to service in magnificent ways!

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