These are only some of the buildings that Hotel Ministry has reached out to and served in various ways since 2003:


The Alder House Hotel

Helen Swindells (105 residents)
10 NW Broadway, Portland

Alder House (132 residents)
523 SW 13th Avenue, Portland

The Stewart (72 residents)
127 SW Broadway, Portland

Musolf Manor (96 residents)
216 NW 3rd, Portland

Home Hotel (29 residents)
16 SW 3rd Avenue, Portland

Westwind Hotel (70 residents)
333 NW 6th Avenue, Portland

Hamilton West (77 residents)
1212 Clay St., Portland

Pearl Court (199 residents)
920 NW Kearney, Portland

The 1200 Building Apartments (90 residents)
1200 SW 12th Ave., Portland

Rose Schnitzer Tower (235 residents)
1430 SW 12th Ave., Portland

Slavin Court Apartments (24 families)
4702 SW Slavin Rd., Portland

Park Tower (162 residents)
731 SW Salmon St., Portland

Beech Street Apartments (32 families)
3650 NE Mallory Ave, Portland

The HOTEL Ministry’s goal is to establish relationships with all of the low-income hotels in downtown Portland and expand our services to the poor living in these hotels. If your hotel is interested in hearing more about this ministry and our services, please contact us.