Our Program

Since 2003 our programs have become as varied as the churches and teams themselves!

We originally began with a model of one-on- one visitation for those over the age of 60, which includes delivery of groceries as we share with them in their rooms. We are able to bring hygiene products, newer clothing, bedding, sheets & pillows, deli foods and laundry and kitchen towels and soaps.

We provide box fans in the summer and Christmas parties and presents for all at Christmastime. All this abundance is made available to all the residents, not only the elderly. We remember our people with birthday presents and hand-crafted cards made by church members.

More recently, we’ve graduated to dinners and concerts, dessert nights, and game nights, as other churches joined in to take on their own Hotels.

Bible Studies at all the buildings are deep, rich and always alive! They are done differently at each place, as we do some in the morning, some in the afternoon and some at night, after one of our dinners. Our studies are non-denominational and we like to provide food and beverages as the hour dictates: our morning study has juice, coffee, donuts, and all manner of goodies. We have homemade cookies and coffee in the afternoon, and the evenings are after our dinners.

We now are able to stock food pantries at some of our Hotels, which enable those in desperate need at the end of the month to get those things that will get them through till pay day. We visit our loved ones when they are hospitalized or in temporary rehab.


As we have reached out to new buildings that house families, we have gotten creative to meet those needs. Check out our NEWS section to read about ministry at buildings such as Beech Street and Slavin Court.