Resident of the Swindells Hotel

The low-income community in downtown Portland is generally filled with people from their 20s to their 80s, of which the elderly make up almost 30%. All are living in poverty, isolation and hopelessness; all need the love of the Lord.

This ministry can easily be replicated by any like-minded Christian church with a heart for serious, long-term service. We are willing and ready to share with any church or individual that is interested in HOTEL Ministry, and to train them to engage in their own endeavor, or connect them with one of our established teams.

The apartment buildings downtown vary widely in size and condition. Some have no lobbies for large events, and only a walk-up and meager rooms. This ministry can be varied to fit every community’s needs, and thus can employ the very small to the very large churches. The ministry itself is simple and beautiful in design, and made to be self-supporting by each church that undertakes its own.